Here Are The Next Important Steps To Take After Getting Engaged According to Wuramanola

So you just got engaged? Well first off… Congratulations! It’s def so exhilarating knowing that you’re one step closer to the beautiful “Ever After”.

Along with Joy, a lot must also be going through your mind. Things like ” what next?” Well not to worry, Event planner and vlogger, Wuramanola is here with important steps for you to take after the big Yes. Now even if you’re not engaged yet, these tips are very useful for when you eventually are! So you should def watch the video.

Wura says,

This video dishes on the most important things couples need to do once they get engaged! It touches on the next practical steps to take to ensure you’re laying the foundation for a great wedding planning experience. I touch on important points. Such as setting expectations with your fiance, putting together a realistic budget, setting expectations with the family to name a few.

Watch the video below:



Video: @wuramanola of @manolaluxeweddings

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