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This Trad Beauty Look With The Black Asooke Radiates Confidence & It’s Just For You

Every bride-to-be has pictured her big day over a thousand times in her mind. It’s inevitable! ?

It’s your day, you can’t help it. Everything has to be perfect. The music, the programme, your look… Especially your look! This traditional bridal beauty look by Oteniara Makeover is the perfect Midas touch. The glam is all so alluring and blends smoothly with the eccentric black Asooke and gele. There’s just something about black Asooke. We totally love how it makes the bride stun with confidence. With this look, you can glance back at your big day with a satisfied grin.

Check out the photos below:



Makeup: @oteniaramakeovers
Gele: @mr_tee_gele
Complete Asooke and hand fan: @jenrewa
Accessories: @justbeadit_ng
Photography: @royal_images

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