Planning Your Wedding? Here are 30 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors According to Wuramanola

Getting wedding vendors is one thing. Getting the most of out of your vendors and having your big day just how you want it, is another. You definitely want to be clear on what you’re getting to avoid unnecessary stress.

In this new video,  wedding planner, Wuramanola is sharing 30 important questions to ask your wedding vendors. To avoid paying for a service you don’t necessarily want, you can ask your vendor for a bespoke package. This ensures that you get services specifically tailored to fit your needs and how you want your wedding to turn out. Another very important question to ask is if there will be any extra costs – to avoid surprises. You should totally watch the full video for more really vital information.

Here’s what Wuramanola has to say about the video:

This is a very important video on 30 important questions to ask your wedding vendors. These questions allow couples to save costs, know the full picture of what they are getting from their vendors and also allows them to have peace of mind.

Watch the video below:




Video: @wuramanola of @manolaluxeweddings

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