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Nigeria Meets Haiti as Yinka & Maryo Form #TheBrunoBond 😍

Let’s talk about love, workplace relationships and dreams come true! 🤭 Yinka and Maryo have us so deep in our feelings and ultimately thrilled today with their beautiful love story.

The beautiful Nigerian beaut met with her Haitian prince charming when she went for a job interview. It all started with a friendly and warm welcome at an interview, then a 3-weeks training with Maryo began this beautiful moment in history. Now Maryo’s dream of finding a beautiful Afrocentric queen became a reality through his now sweetheart, Yinka. Everything about love from their meet-cute, to how Maryo popped the big question will have you blushing so hard. Keep scrolling to catch every bit of it, as shared by the lovely couple.

Enjoy the beautiful photos from Yinka and Maryo’s pre-wedding shoot below.

Their love story as Yinka tells it:

In April 2014, I interviewed at an outsourced telecom company in Rockville Maryland. As I sat in the lobby waiting to be called in for an interview, there came a dapper Haitian-American man wearing a gray bespoke suit; a pastel pink pocket square; and a large smile.

In passing, the confident gentleman stopped in his tracks, extended his right hand, and said: “Welcome! My name is Maryo, what’s your name?” Being received with so much warmth, I aced the interview and impressed the Owner and the Assistant Manager.

The conversations went so well that I was offered the position the day after. Now working in Rockville, I inevitably crossed paths with my coworker Maryo but little did I know, Maryo would be the Lead Account Executive responsible for conducting my third week of training.

As I learned from his coaching, and as shadowed his conversations with customers, our mutual respect quickly sprouted into deep admiration.

The odds of our meeting can only be the work of the Holy Spirit. Maryo, having moved to Maryland over a year prior, was known to jokingly say: “I’m moving to DC to find my Afrocentric queen.”

What was once a humorous fantasy became true. So as I shine, Maryo is inescapably soaked in my vibrant energy. 🤭

Here’s how the proposal went down as told by Maryo:

On June 29th 2019, Yinka and her family traveled 8 hours north to a small town in Massachusetts to celebrate My mother’s birthday.

Through this small town flows the Nashua River where you can find Yinka’s favorite park called the Wachusett Reservoir.

Near the body of water hides this picturesque park where we have visited several times in the past, being nature lovers.

This park is Yinka’s favorite hidden gem in Central Massachusetts because of fresh air, clean water, nature photographers, painters, and friendly hikers. However that day, this visit was for an entirely different reason.

The Plan:

Days before my mom’s birthday celebration, I had cleverly gathered both sides of the family to wait for Yinka at the center of the park.

At the center of the Wachusett Reservoir park, there’s a fountain surrounded by oak and maple trees – which draws in the perfect spot to gather both families.

I had each family member holding a red rose, and patiently waited behind each tree for Yinka’s arrival.

The Proposal:

I convinced Yinka to enjoy a light stroll toward the edge of the water where the shooting fountain is reflecting a rainbow.

As Yinka approaches the spraying water, her youngest sister – previously hidden behind a surrounded tree – slowly walks towards Yinka with a single rose.

Confused, Yinka nervously grabs the rose, completely unaware that each family member is hidden behind an oak tree awaiting their turn.

Seconds later, another sister approaches her with another flower and hands it to Yinka. Shortly thereafter, another sister appears, then her mother, then my brothers, then my mom etc.

As each loved-one hands Yinka a rose, they whisper kind words like: “Congratulations!” , “God bless you!” , “I’m so happy for you” , “welcome to our family”, “Thank you for catering to my son” and etc.

Before long, Yinka has a dozen roses clutched in her hand. She blushingly thanks everyone and gleefully turns towards me to tell me how sweet of a gesture this was…

Only to discover that I was nowhere to be found. Confused, Yinka turns around and sees me already kneeling and extending out the ring of her dreams, a massive emerald-cut diamond ring!

Both families explode with joy as Yinka hears the words: “Let’s unite our family together. Yinka Oladiran, will you be my wife?”





Bride-to-be: @yinkaoladiran
Groom-to-be: @maryomotivation
Planner: @ftkkonnect @webbyftk
Photography: @judahavenue

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