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The #AZ2020 Pre-wedding Shoot is All The Cuteness You Need Today


Love is everywhere and it is right here with you!

Zainab and Abba’s pre-wedding shoot captured by Bedge Pictures is giving us all the sweetness and love we need for today. There’s just something about how calm, soothing and loving their moments were captured. The smiles on their faces, the way they were looking at each other and the love they share is just everything we need for today.

If you think we are overhyping this, just keep scrolling and enjoy all of their beauty.







Photography: @bedgepictures
Planner: @exquisiteluxuryevents
Makeup: @jideofstola
Blue attire: @hudayya
Red & Cream attire: @msmakor


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    Aisha ummee
    July 7, 2020 at 11:05 AM

    Very good

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