5 Alternative Venues for an Intimate Wedding You Should Know About

Hello fam, Isabella Akinseye here!

I am really enjoying being a part of the BellaNaija Weddings Contributors. My last post was a vlog on cutting down your wedding guest list. This time, I have some advice for couples planning to get married in these ‘Rona’ times.

If you are in Nigeria, trying to secure your regular events hall might not be possible as a lot of them still need to be given the go-ahead by the government before they are allowed to reopen. But this does not mean your special day needs to work on their time. You can still go-ahead to have your special day with/without these guys!

Here are some alternative venues to consider for your intimate wedding ceremony:



Why not, get in tune with Mother Nature? Just go all out with a garden wedding. If you are lucky to have a garden of your own, you are already halfway there. If not, you can consider gardens of hotels as well as the commercial ones that have been allowed to reopen. You can cut down on your décor bill by working with existing flowers and greenery. Word of caution, do check the weather forecast and to be super safe, make provisions for the rain. Honestly, brollies on standby can even add to the rustic charm.



This is a popular choice especially for couples who want to maximise the aesthetics of the different parts of a hotel. Think stairs, pool, lobby, garden, lounge. These are all great backdrops for that Kodak moment. There is also a convenience factor when it comes to food and drink. You pay per head and they take care of everything. No story of meat finishing before the Jollof (hopefully). Hotels that have been allowed to reopen have had to comply with strict health and safety regulations. So, you can have some peace of mind that they will go the extra mile to ensure that the guidelines are adhered to lest they risk being shut down.


Compound/Parking lot


What about your comp0und at home? Depending on the size of your compound or the parking lot of your estate, you might be able to do your intimate ceremony right at there. You might have to spend a bit on canopies, chairs, tables and décor. Remember that is also best to check with neighbours and to be mindful of the volume of the music. This way you can avoid being reported or shut down due to noise pollution. You should also consider the timing as some people might want to bring their cars in at a certain time. Finally, ensure that there is enough space to observe social distancing.


Living room


It doesn’t get more intimate than a sitting room/parlour event. Chances are that you might have had one of your wedding ceremonies there already. The smaller ones like ‘Introduction’ are usually done in the living room with close family and a few friends. Except your house is a very big mansion, this option can be very limiting for you when it comes to the numbers. One tip is to empty some of the furniture to allow for chairs to be properly spaced.




This a favourite for many people! An open rooftop affords you the opportunity of playing with sunlight and different backdrops. There is also that feeling of being on top of the world which is exactly where you want to be, COVID-19 or not. But like the other outdoor options, do make provisions for nature’s unpredictable elements. And you might also want to consider the rooftop for only a part of the ceremony especially for people who might be afraid of heights.


Whichever option you eventually go for, remember to allow yourself to enjoy the love which trumps everything else. Good luck! You can catch up on my other contributor posts here.

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