You Should Totally Drop These 5 Money Habits In 2021

Hey Family!

Happy New Year and let’s take giant strides together this year. You already know I’m here for all the money gist, So let’s just get into it.

Whether you are single, hitched or content in a situationship, certain money habits would keep you grounded and focused on your long term goals while some would have you on a fast road to sabotage. If the plan is to do more of the former and less of the latter in 2021, here are 5 bad money habits to drop before we go too far into the year:

 Saving Absolutely Nothing

Your first financial priority is to build an emergency fund. Set aside a percentage of your income every month and do not touch it unless an emergency arises. Oh, by the way, a night out with the girls does not count as an emergency.

 Spending For Validation

The most impressive things about you are probably not things that you have bought. So 2021 is a good year to stop seeking validation from people who probably do not even care; especially when it costs you your financial health.

Flying Blind

‘I’m not good with numbers’ is no longer an excuse. Financial education is now at your fingertips and financial illiteracy has become a choice. Choose knowledge this year.

Not Investing because of Fear

The fear of investing is real; especially for us women. There are scams and schemes everywhere and your fear is not unfounded. However, it is beginning to hold you back and that means it is time to drop it. My take: seek professional help and begin your wealth-building journey.

Going Into Debt For Fun

Sometimes, debt can’t be avoided. You might need a loan to get through school, start a business or even buy a house. However, drawing down lines of credit from family and friends to pay for things like aso-ebi should be left behind in 2020.

Happy new year, friend!

We have a lot of changes to make together and I’m pumped for the journey ahead.

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