Here’s how to have Your Zoom Wedding in 6 Easy Steps

Yes, you read that right!

We are all living in an unprecedented time. Recently, we started a limited series on couples who were supposed to have their wedding but COVID-19 pandemic happened. In this series, we see love birds discuss how they had to change their plans and figure out a way to still have their wedding. Today, we decided to share a creative way couples-to-be can still begin their forever love together!

Here are six steps to having your zoom wedding. Before we dive right in, let’s explain what zoom is. Zoom is a modern enterprise video communication tool that is used for video and audio conferencing. Ok let’s begin, shall we?

Get a zoom account

The first thing to do before having your zoom wedding is to download the application from your app store (iOS app store or Android play store) and then create a zoom account. We have observed that having the application on your phone makes it easy for you to create a profile and set up your meeting (in this case a wedding ?). Installing the application and creating an account is very easy and Zoom has a step by step guide on how to do this.

Discuss with your minister

To make your wedding legal, you will need to have a minister or someone who has the legal authority to marry you and your groom or bride. When you have discussed with your officiating minister and all parts have agreed, you can move to step 3.

Set a date

Setting a date for your wedding is going to be different from the usual date setting that has lots of puzzles to be completed eg if your dream venue is not available on your date, there is a possibility of moving your date. However, with a Zoom wedding, it is a very different situation. This is because you can choose a day that works for you and the love of your life and decide to get married on that day, right in your living room (if your city is under a lockdown).

Choose your wedding look

Yes! The fact that you are having a Zoom wedding is not a reason to not slay on your big day! I mean it honestly will be one to remember for life, so why not pick out the wedding looks for you and your forever love and rock it! You can even set up your phone camera to record your big day or take pictures. When you see these pictures or video, you want to know that you looked your best.

Send your friends and family members your wedding zoom link

We understand that your guests and family would not be able to drive down to a specific wedding venue. Here’s how they can still be a part of your day. Once you have created a zoom account, you can schedule a meeting and then send the invite link to your family and friends ( not sure how to do this, click here). With this link, your guests and family can be a part of your moment right from their different location. So you’re happy and they are glad to be a part of your day.

Say I do

So now the big day is here, the day you finally get to officially marry your lover. You know what to do, you get up and smile because it is a good day. Once you and your partner are all dressed up, log in to your zoom account and let’s get married! You can decide to walk down the aisle to your groom, exchange your vows and of course, joins you both. With your friends and family watching, you have married the love of your life.



While this may not be valid due to the Marriage Act in Nigeria (Marriage may be celebrated in any licensed place of worship by any recognised minister of the Church, denomination or body to which such place of worship belongs, and according to the rites or usages of marriage observed in such church, denomination or body), it is still an option to consider in other parts of the world.  If you need to understand the legalities involved, this video explains it.

If you decide to go have a zoom wedding, we bet it will be beautiful. Remember that marrying the love of your life is what is important. Feel free to share with us via email: [email protected].


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