Here’s Your VIP Pass to the #Adekani Wedding in Abu Dhabi by Bedge Pictures

Do you remember the #Adekani destination wedding in Abu Dhabi? If you do, then you know it was all shades of beautiful.

What makes it even more beautiful is that the photographer Bedge Pictures is going to take us the behind-the-scenes of how he shot different moments of their day. The white wedding of HKN chairman, Adewale Adeleke, and his beautiful bride Ekanem held in Abu Dhabi on February 2, 2020.

You’ll get to see from the perspective of a photographer behind the scenes, you get to see how we got some of the pictures you loved, you also get to see the beauty and luxury of this wedding. Let’s just say this your VIP pass to the lavish ADEKANI wedding ceremony.

There are several moments to look out for. One of such was when the groom’s brother, Davido gave a beautiful speech of how his brother was the first person to believe his dreams of becoming a music artiste. Well, you already know that you’ll get to see some of your favourite celebrities. You should watch to the end because there was a grand performance by Davido at the end.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed documenting their big day. If you haven’t seen their wedding pictures, you should catch up here.



Videography & Photography: @bedgepictures | @bedgefilms

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