You’d Definitely Want to Try These 6 Pre-wedding Activities by Mo with Your Guests

The activities that lead up to your big day are very crucial. Since you will be bringing friends and guests from different places together, you should definitely think of a way they all can get to know each other and bond before your big day.


Wedding planner,  Mo of The Pearl Jacob Events is here to help with 6 fun pre-wedding activities to foster friendship between the couple, their family, bridal party and their guests. From trying out beach activities, dinner, themed house party, karaoke night, visiting tourist centres together or garden activities. All these can be put together with fun games, activities to get people talking, moving and connecting with each other.

In the video below, she addresses how to pull off these pre-wedding activities.  If you have missed out on her other videos to help ease the wedding planning series, you should definitely catch up here.






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