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The #DNA2020 Love Story is All You Need Today

This is what love feels like.

We think that Abigail and Daniel would be able to explain what love feels like better. This beautiful couple met during their National service year in Ghana. They worked in the same organization and that led to their friendship and eventually their relationship. 5 years after, these two are ready to walk down the aisle.




5 years ago, we met for the first at the same organization where we had both been posted to for our national service. Young and poised to make their mark in the corporate world, we both executed our duties to the satisfaction of our supervisors. Attention to detail and teamwork were a few of the skill sets they possessed. There was a reshuffle and voila we were placed in the same department.

We gradually became good friends but always had a back and forth in regards to social issues. Funnily enough, our unique different perspectives drew us even closer since they both enjoyed each other’s company and conversation. Our blossoming friendship dwindled after their national service ended and they parted ways.

Daniel was very busy in the banking sector whilst I was also venturing into other prospects in the insurance industry. The flame was rekindled when one fateful day, Daniel bumped into me at our neighbourhood ice cream parlour. Yes, we both have a sweet tooth and Daniel in particular likes to treat himself to sweets once in a while.

He was delighted to know that I had moved into the neighbourhood. Our friendship grew stronger. Due to power outages in Ghana, we always met up for random strolls but strategically went to the ice cream parlour or drove to the cinema to watch a movie. Whilst watching a movie, I asked him to pass her a bottle of water but out of the blue, he passed me a ring instead. Fast forward here we are today. Five years of genuine unconditional love and friendship.





Photography: @epicmomentsgh

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