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Another Instagram Love Story! Enjoy Adeola & Abimbola’s Pre-wedding Shoot

One of the beautiful things about love is that when two people are meant to be, it will always find a way to make it happen.

Love always had a thing for Adeola and Abimbola. It brought them together in the same university and even though they never crossed paths then, love did not give up on them. As fate would have it, they finally met on the streets of Instagram and that was the beginning of a love so pure.

Now we have a wedding in sight and we can not contain our joy for Adeola and Abimbola! Their pre-wedding photos are giving us all the feels of love and their hearty smiles are indeed melting our hearts. You will definitely feel their sweet love as you scroll through their photos.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by Adeola:

It’s funny how living and studying in the same state and university, but our paths never crossed till mid-December, 8 years later. I met Abimbola on the street of Instagram where he was brought up as a friend suggestion. I checked through his page and he happened to be a photographer. I messaged him, commented on his work and showed my interest in modelling for him .

From there, we became friends, talking almost every day. We talked about everything, work, dreams, and life plans but didn’t meet physically. All these intimate conversations with a stranger yet we were so comfortable opening up to each other. We decided to meet for the first time and he came down to Ibadan. I still remember what he wore, where we had our first date and how the date went. We talked more every day and always looked forward to the next conversation.

We became good friends and over time, our friendship got stronger. Well, fast forward to a month later, he called me, asked me out to be his girlfriend and it was a yes(weirdest proposal ever😂). He was shocked and wanted to reconfirm what I said and we had a video call where he asked me again.

He was so happy, he took a screenshot of us while talking that day to keep a record, and asked me to send him a voice note to confirm accepting his proposal (to be his girlfriend oo😂), all for record purposes he said😂 A year after, he popped the question and the proposal turned out to be the weirdest ever as well 😂 and now we are here, forever to go.


Bride @_adeola_odus
Photography @promzimedia | @promziweddings

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