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Thanks to a Mutual Friend, Adetinuke & Tobi Found The #ATkindofLove!

Of all the many ways to find love, finding love through friendship stands tall as one of the most beautiful ways. These types of friends are heroes in our books. Today, we’ve got a beautiful love story to celebrate and it started with a mutual friend doubling as Cupid’s agent. 😅

Adetinuke and her sweetheart, Tobi got matched by their mutual friend who thought they would make a good pair. This friend was right! They moved from one conversation to another, to many more and ultimately – forever! The lovers are now well into their “ever after” journey and we’re absolutely rooting for them. Their pre-wedding photos have us smiling from ear to ear and we can’t get over their chemistry.

Enjoy Adetinuke & Tobi’s love story and pre-wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by Adetinuke:

One fateful day, a friend of mine told me that someone was going to call me later that day because she had shared my contact with a great guy and I just laughed and said okay. Later that night, he called me and I actually wasn’t in the mood to talk because work was hectic. So, I remember telling him to call me back the following day because I needed to sleep.

The following day, he called and we spoke for a couple of minutes, mainly speaking around work and all. To be honest, I really enjoyed the conversation and I looked forward to getting to know him better. We spoke for a couple of months over the phone every single day and he eventually invited me to Lagos and that was it…

On the 7th of October 2021, he proposed in the most beautiful way in the presence of our friends and family and I couldn’t be happier and above all, grateful to God.

Here’s Tobi’s side of the story:

Adetinuke and I met through a mutual friend, who gave me her number to call her. She was in Abuja and I in Lagos. I tried calling her the same evening I got her number. Her response wasn’t appealing but the voice was calm. She asked that I call her back the following day because she was about to go to bed, to which I obliged.

The following day, I summoned up courage and called her again and this time we spoke for several minutes and several minutes turned into hours over the course of the next couple of days. Getting to know her was really exciting and refreshing for me.

A day couldn’t pass by without me talking to her. We finally decided to meet for the first time after a couple of months of talking over the phone. Indeed I could say God exceeded my expectations when I saw her. The rest, they say, is history.



Bride-to-be: @iamadetinuke
Groom-to-be: @dextersstudios | @tobiloba_dexters
Photography: @theginstarp
Videography: @cybermediavisuals
Makeup: @desire_makeover

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