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Afoma’s Dream of Marrying a Doctor is Now a Reality! See #DoubleMaffair2020 Pre-wedding Shoot

If you want to get married to a doctor, then you’d definitely want to read Afoma and Chidi‘s love story.

When we featured their surprise proposal in Dubai, Afoma let us in on their love story. This time, the groom-to-be, Chidi tells us his side of the story. The couple got introduced by a mutual friend because Afoma had mentioned that she wanted to be introduced to a doctor. Well, we are pretty sure you want to know the rest of the story, so keep scrolling.

Here’s how their love story started according to the groom-to-be, Chidi:

One of my guys told me about a babe he thinks I would be interested in who also told him she wanted to be introduced to a doctor ( I don’t know how someone is particular about the profession but my luck right?). He actually told me he reached out to another doctor friend of his too but he wasn’t available; that was God working in my favour.


Although I wasn’t really keen on a serious relationship as I was taking my medical licensing exams in the US at the time, my guy told me the babe was really nice and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to be friends with a nice lady! See me already planning to friendzone her, little did I know!

I reached out to her on Facebook but she didn’t respond until about a month later, we exchanged numbers and got talking. I really liked that she was very driven and knows what she wants and was consistently putting in efforts to attain her goals. That really got me thinking I wanted to be with someone like her. We started dating long distance and I proposed to her in Dubai during our vacation.

Affy Ferrari as I fondly call her is super strong, the kind of woman you go to war and break boundaries with. I know God loves me by giving her to me and I am privileged to be doing life with the woman I absolutely love and adore!”.





Bride: @_afoma
Photography: @Jideoketonadephotography
Makeup: @adammakenneth
Red Dress: @viozaofficial
Suit: @tommyhilfiger
1st shoes: @badgleymischka
Groom’s shoes: @kennethcole
Bride’s accessories: @duprisglam
Trad dress: @lotalines
Groom’s Trad:@leramohinsyncstyles
Bride’s sandals: @gucci
Groom’s Sandals: @tedbaker
Bride’s accessories: @sterlingglams
Groom’s accessories: @tissot

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