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Aisha and Teslim are Gym Buddies on a Forever Journey! #ATLoveForever

While the saying “opposites attract” may hold true in certain situations, Aisha and Teslim’s connection was forged through their similar interests… particularly their love for the gym.

The lovebirds met on Instagram and after discovering that they were both team fit fam, it was only right that their first outing together would be to the gym. Well, Cupid did it’s sweet magic and it’s been a beautiful ride ever since. They are serving up premium gorgeousness with their pre-wedding photos and we can’t help drooling. Aisha and Teslim sure make a cute couple and their photos will add warmth to your day.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Aisha:

Our love story began in July 2019. I was a personal trainer at the time and wanted more exposure to men’s fitness so that I could help the men who asked me questions about fitness and nutrition. Teslim’s workout videos popped up on my Instagram explore page and oddly, I decided to follow his page. Two weeks later, he responded to an Instagram story of me training a client….. “ When are you going to kill me in the gym?” I first laughed because if you had seen his page, you’d know that he was all jokes at this point. We started to chat on Instagram for a few weeks. Tessy then invited me to a workout session with him. Not too long after that, he became my best friend and since then, we’ve been inseparable.

Their love story as shared by Teslim:

I came across Aisha’s Instagram page in July 2019. I immediately noticed her love for fitness, which caught my attention instantly; because as some may know, I am a fitness fanatic. So, I started to snoop more, lol. This led to my ultimate decision to follow her. One day, she was training a client of hers, (Aisha was a personal trainer at the time) I immediately took that as a gateway to approach her. I sent her a DM saying “Can you please train me, but please don’t kill me.”

After days of ignoring me, she then replied saying “I can’t kill you, I have seen the way you workout“ ( At this very moment I knew she had been snooping on my page too).  I asked her if we could workout together, again after some pushback/shakara she then agreed. The day came and we had a great workout session. This was a big plus to my checklist. Shortly after, we exchanged numbers and our incredible ride began. She’s been my rock ever since! I give thanks to Allah daily for allowing our paths to cross. Aisha has been nothing but a blessing to me.


Bride @aishaeniolaaa
Groom @alpacino__teefit

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