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Marvy & Eugene Had A Perfect First Date – Now It’s Happy Ever After!

Sometimes in life, we meet someone new, with no idea what will be our future with them. Years down the line, we try to remember what life was like before them and we can’t. Because they came and made everything so much better. That’s the beauty of love – it’s where the magic lies! ?

Marvy of Marvee Official and her boo, Eugene had met about five years ago through a mutual friend. Now while Marvy didn’t see love happening, love definitely saw them! The lovebirds are now about to say their “I do’s” and of course, we’re super excited! Their pre-wedding photos are giving us all the feels. We can’t help but love the chemistry between the two of them. Also, we’ve got to say that Marvy is an ultimate style queen! Her outfits move from chic and classy, to eccentric and elegant. Every single one is a hit! When the bride is a fashion designer, you can’t expect anything less than awesome! ?Eugene was certainly not lagging behind as he also came through looking dapper and sleek.

Now while we’re loving all the adorable photos from their shoot, we can also enjoy their love story. Marvy gives us the full gist of how it all started. Keep scrolling to see. ?

Their Love story as shared by Marvy:

I and Eugene’s love story is one of those classic stories where one person was waiting for the other to catch up. I was in love with someone else when I met Eugene. We met through a mutual friend. Our first date was so perfect! He took me to this really nice place that had a well-manicured garden. It was at night, the lights were nicely stringed across the garden and the pool; the ambience was just perfect.

As we took a walk around the entire space and conversed (I did most of the talking?)…The connection was so surreal like I had known him all my life. As we spoke, he’ll go quiet from time to time and look at me with such adoration in his eyes and a subtle smile. The garden space had a pool and I remember telling him how I wanted my wedding to look like… How I wanted to have an aisle across the pool and have people seat on each side of the lawn. He indulged me as he added ideas… It was almost like we were planning our wedding. I got home thinking “Shii… that was weird.”

He went back to Asaba, and he’d call from time to time. It was a couple of days to my birthday, and he had mentioned he was travelling to Calabar for business. I asked if I could come, as I was stressed and needed a break from all the Lagos madness. He excitedly said yes! Calabar was great! We visited prominent sights there, we went to visit Obudu mountain resort but the roads were too bad.

According to him, we fell in love in Calabar; but he’s alone in that. Lol. Maybe not love yet, but I did start catching feelings for him. ?. I got back to Lagos and ended my “situationship” with the guy I was supposedly in love with. It’s been five years plus now, so much has happened in between. He has become my best friend, my everything, my rock and my biggest cheerleader.

Most nights, I wake up worshipping and thanking God for bringing him into my life. He’s the answer to conversations I’ve had with the Holy Spirit. Our story is way longer than this but it’s a story of grace and gratitude to God our father, and I’m super excited to be his WIFE!!



Bride: Marvy of @marveeofficial
Planner: @glameventsbybibglameventsng
Bridal Styling: @thewardrobemanager
Dress: @marveeofficial
Fabric: @glitz_allure_fabrics
Makeup: @zainabazeez | @lailacadne for @ellecadne
Hairstylist: @dolledbynueye
Hair extensions: @thehairfuseluxury | @hairwearenig
Accessories: @bridesmaidhaven
Shoes: @casadeiofficial
Nails: @nailsbyfavour
Groom: @jomaeugene
Groom’s suit: @jurio_luti
Groom’s pants: @debonairrepublique
Tour and travel: @2000ttour
Photography: @bedgepictures | @tope_horpload
Videography: @otusally

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