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A Series of Unexpected Events Led Amenze & George to Happy Ever After

When love is concerned, nothing happens by chance. Every occurrence is a result of the universe aligning to create something beautiful. 😍

Amenze and George can sure relate because that is how their fairytale began. From reluctantly attending a get-together where they coincidentally met to crossing paths again after a series of unexpected events – Every moment was Cupid’s way  of leading them to the brinks of forever. Now, they are set for a lifetime of bliss and are blessing our day with their lovely pre-wedding photos. They look so cute together and we are excited for them as they embark on their beautiful  journey.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Amenze:

George and I met at a get-together hosted by a mutual friend. I went by myself which was unusual for me. I was supposed to meet one of my girlfriends there, but she was ultimately unable to attend. As an introvert, I kept second-guessing because I wasn’t sure if I would know anyone there. Something in my spirit told me to go, despite my hesitation. I decided to listen to my gut and went alone. I had to call an Uber because I just discovered that day I had a flat tyre. When I arrived at the event, I looked around and said ‘hello’ to everyone. I noticed one seat near the door that was available and sat down. George just so happened to be seated next to me. He started the conversation, and we ended up talking the entire evening. George made me laugh, and he had this amazing energy that drew me in.

We went our separate ways as the get together concluded. As George walked down the street towards his car, I wondered if I would get to see him again. Moments later, my Uber arrived. I climbed into the backseat and shut the door, but the driver didn’t start driving. He refused to take me home. When I asked him why, ironically he told me he had a flat tire. I said, “you just got a flat tire right now?” and he said yes, that I needed to find another ride. Feeling confused, I got out, walked back to our friend’s porch and called another ride. To make matters worse, it started raining. I covered my head with my jacket and waited for my ride. Suddenly, I looked up and saw a figure walking back towards me. It was George. I asked him what happened, did he forget something? He replied that he forgot his “phone charger”… lol. We started talking again and exchanged numbers right before my new Uber arrived.

Their love story as shared by George:

Prior to officially meeting Amenze, I was friends with Amenze’s older brother, Zusi where we often hung out at numerous events that he invited my friends and I to. One of his events was his joint birthday event he held with Amenze. At that time, I was unaware that Zusi had a sister. When I first entered Zusi and Amenze’s birthday gathering, Zusi welcomed me and briefly introduced me to Amenze where I wished her a Happy Birthday. My initial inherent reaction was, “oh wow she’s cute”. However, I immediately shut down any ideas of pursuing her since I deemed it inappropriate due to the respect I had for her older brother. As the night progressed, I noticed Amenze cleaning on her birthday and thought it was weird for her to be cleaning on her special day. Therefore, as a gentleman and out of curiosity, I politely asked her why she was cleaning on her birthday? And then proceeded to help her clean.

Approximately a month went by and Chinedu, a mutual friend, hosted a get together that I almost skipped due to the tiring work week I had. However, something prompted me to go. I arrived at Chinedu’s get together where I was eating and enjoying the meals that were prepared. Amenze arrived at the get together. She looked different from the last time I saw her, therefore, I wasn’t too sure if we met or not. She began to look for a place to sit and out of all the options she had, she decided to sit next to me. She knew what she was doing (Lol).

We then began to converse where we introduced ourselves again and had an excellent conversation. The get together came to an end and I left for my car in order to head home. However, I realized I left my phone charger. So, I walked back to the event and saw Amenze having issues with her ride back home. Out of concern, I asked if she was okay. We end up exchanging contact information and I proceeded to walk her to the new Uber she ordered where I wished her good night. The rest is now history.


Bride: @itsamenze
Makeup: @mua_ttt_tia
Videography: @playbackmediainc

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