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Amira & Kester’s Love Story is the Perfect Start for the Day

Love is in the air and its everywhere!

We are sure that by now you know how much we love everything about love! Today we are loving on the beautiful Amira and Kester‘s pre-wedding shoot. Gladly it doesn’t just stop there, we also get to know how it all started and how Kester popped the big question.

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Here’s how it all started according to Amira:

It all started on October 26, 2013. I was at Shannon Rose having a girls night with some of my closest friends. I was enjoying the single life and wasn’t planning on being in a relationship any time soon. One of my best friends, who always invites her boyfriend to girls night, didn’t miss a beat in doing the same thing that evening. When she got up to meet him at the door and didn’t return, I went looking for her, and as I turned the corner I saw a group of guys and thought to myself, they came rolling deep. I walked up to the group to  and politely introduced myself to them and said, “Hi, I’m Amira!.”

One of the guys was Kester! After I greeted them, I turned away and started talking to one of my friends. Kester came back up to me and as I turned to face him, I accidentally hit him in the face with my left hand (coincidence?). I apologized profusely and then he said, “It’s okay now you have to dance with me.” I thought that was too smooth. We briefly danced and then he offered to buy me a drink, and I thought oh wow a gentleman too. We all headed to a mutual friend’s house afterwards, and Kester and I exchanged numbers before the night was over. The rest is history!

Here’s how Kester popped the big question by the bride-to-be, Amira:

Kester planned a romantic getaway to the Catskill Mountains to celebrate their 5 year anniversary in one of the most beautiful Fall locations. Leading up to the trip, Kester made sure he found a way to hide the ring so Amira wouldn’t find it by mistake while they were unpacking. When they arrived at their private getaway in the Catskill Mountains, Kester and Amira prepared dinner together and danced to Afro Beats. The evening couldn’t have been more perfect. While Amira was getting dressed to continue to celebrate, Kester strategically placed a camera in front of the dinner table and pressed record to make sure he captured the entire surprise moment. When Amira came out to enjoy their dinner, Kester suggested that they exchange anniversary gifts.

He gave her a large box to open first, and as she struggled to open it Kester went to get the ring from his secret hiding spot. Amira pulled out a t-shirt from the box and read the note inside that said “A Forever Love.” As she smiled and held the t-shirt up covering her face, she didn’t realize that Kester was on one knee behind it! In pure astonishment, denial, and excitement, Amira slowly put the shirt down and listened to Kester as he said the most heartfelt words and concluded with “Will You Marry Me?” Amira experienced every emotion in that short moment, and 20 minutes later (literally), she finally said “Yes, Duh!” Kester and Amira spent the rest of their Anniversary trip in pure bliss and couldn’t wait to share the news with their family and friends!


Bride-to-be: @amira.o
Groom-to-be: @thefuzz_ko
Photography: @KeshaLambert
Dress: @alamourthelabel
Makeup: @beatbytwiggy

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    February 13, 2020 at 6:50 PM

    Just Beautiul and so Sweet, love it and love you all ???

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    Sabrina Greene
    February 12, 2020 at 12:45 PM

    Absolutely beautiful couple! I love them so much:)

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