It’s a Cross-Border Romance! Enjoy Aniedi & Karsten’s Nigeria-Cotonou Trad

One beautiful thing about love is that it is not limited by borders, culture or in fact, anything! It’s a cross-border romance for Aniedi and Karsten and we can’t keep calm!

The first time they met was in the office corridor and as a sharp guy, Karsten came up with a smooth plan to get Aniedi’s attention. Clearly, this plan worked and it’s been an exciting love affair for these two.

They tied the knot in a beautiful traditional wedding where they represented their Nigerian and Cotonou roots to the fullest! They came through serving premium looks in their regal outfits…not to mention their sweet chemistry which has us blushing non-stop. These lovebirds have totally won our hearts with their beautiful love and wedding photos and we bet they will win yours too!

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Aniedi:

Karsten and I met in the corridor of the office. I had come to see a friend of mine in Procurement and noticed this dark man staring at me lol. He said ‘Hi’ and I responded. His accent gave him away and I knew immediately this wasn’t a Nigerian man. We didn’t exchange numbers that day and I didn’t see him for a while. We met at a wine tasting organised by him (which I learnt later was all to lure me into his den because he had specifically told my friend to invite me).

Aniedi in all her beauty 😍

We kept in touch after that even on his long trip to Benin Republic and back. His being from Cotonou seemed familiar in a sense because I had assumed the culture was very similar to the Yoruba. I have come to learn they have different tribes as well ( forgive my ignorance) and it has been a foxtrot diving into their own culture and him into mine (Ibibio) A cross-border romance we have here and an elixir for excitement. We look forward to beautiful years together.

Let’s check out the dapper groom 😍

Can’t get over this love and beauty 😍

Here comes the groom!

The beautiful bride is here 😍

Joined together as one!

The second outfit slay we signed up for 😍

Together forever! ❤️


Bride @t_omodele
Photography @shoeboxng
Stylist @thestyleinfidel
Designer @stitchesbylaura_
Makeup @mimz_studios_
Gele @ibiphilstouch
Fan @nenejewellryandcraft
Decor @flairdecorcompany
MC @mcgovernor01
Clutch Purse and Jewellery @pinkperfection_accessories
Fabric @glitz_allure_fabrics

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