Ololade & Deji’s White Wedding Video Was A Beautiful Display of Love!

If you ask us how one can tell when two people are in love, we will say it is always hard to miss. The glint in their eyes when they look at each other and how they radiate with so much joy always gives them away.

Today, we see the beauty of love through the lens of Ololade and Deji. The sweethearts exchanged their vows in an intimate white wedding ceremony with their friends and family present to share in their joy. Ololade made a super gorgeous bride and Deji came through looking dapper. After they exchanged their vows, you know what’s next… Yes, Party! They had a lit wedding reception and no one was spared from having fun. The couple and their guest brought the heat to the dancefloor with electrifying moves. Ololade and Deji’s wedding was so much fun, you will catch yourself moving your feet as you watch.

Enjoy their wedding video below:

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