See all the Amazingness at the #RoadtoBae2020 Traditional Engagement

Guys, are you ready for this? You better be, this beautiful display of love is about to make you love traditional weddings even more.

Nollywood actor and model, Emmanuel Ikubese and his sweetheart, celebrity makeup artist, Anita ‘Brows’ Adetoye got traditionally hitched last Thursday.

Everything about the #RoadtoBae2020 traditional engagement was super beautiful and amazing to see in pictures. Their engagement ceremony was a true display of the Yoruba culture especially Ondo State as the couple were dressed in the Alari Asooke fabric beautifully designed by Traditions by Bimms and of course, they didn’t neglect the culture of the groom from Delta. We have no doubt that you will be smiling at the end of the feature. Just soak it all in and live their joy through these pictures.

Umm, their white wedding is pretty amazing and we bet you don’t want to miss it, so click here. Just in case you missed their pre-wedding feature, introduction and their bridal shower, just click and play catch up. See their white wedding pictures here.

Now grab a drink and enjoy their traditional engagement.



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A gorgeous smile to totally brighten up your day #roadtobae2020 #BAE2020 Bride @anita.adetoye Groom @emmanuelikubese Videography @cinematicsng Planner and Design concept @aflairtorememberevent Coordinator @tessallureevents Decor @524events Venue @royaloaksrentals DJ @djjimmyjatt Band @ebonyband Photo and @dexterstudios Video crew @cinematicsng @wealthmediahouse Stylist @dami_oke Makeup @anitabrows Bridal Outfit @tubo__ @bimmms24 @alainebyceline Gele @oni_gele George @george_by_ruverodesigns Aso ebi @bunniebees_fabrics Security @chamsconsult Hostess @mertymarcus Catering @tdreamdelicacies @topchefventure Small chops @12basketsfoodsltd @larrrryspice Garri platter @1706foodsng Drinks and cocktails @richbethdrink Drinks sponsor @bluenun_ng Cake @doodlescake Traditional dessert @meltingmomentsng #BellaNaijaWeddings

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What wifey @anita.adetoye said: Yummy!! #RoadtoBae2020 #BAE2020 Bride @anita.adetoye Groom @emmanuelikubese Planner and Design concept: @aflairtorememberevent Wedding cordinator: @tessallureevents Decor: @524events Venue: @royaloaksrentals DJ: @djjimmyjatt Band: @ebonyband Photography: and @dextersstudios Videography: @cinematicsng @wealthmediahouse Stylist: @dami_oke Makeup: Queen of @anitabrowsstudio Bridal Outfit: @tubo__ @bimmms24 @alainebyceline Gele: @oni_gele George: @george_by_ruverodesigns Grooms Outfit: @deco_d29 @meakstitches @vanskere Aso-ebi: @bunniebees_fabrics Security: @chamsconsult Hostess: @mertymarcus Alaga: @ile_oko_ya MC: @damolaismyname Catering: @tdreamdelicacies @topchefventure Small chops: @12basketsfoodsltd @larrrryspice Garri platter: @1706foodsng Drinks and cocktails: @richbethdrink Drinks sponsor: @bluenun_ng Cars: @mayfaiiirrr Cake: @doodlescake Traditional dessert: @meltingmomentsng #BellaNaijaWeddings

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The second look of the day…


Final look for the day.






Groom: @emmanuelikubese
Planner and Design concept@aflairtorememberevent and @dextersstudios
Coordinator: @tessallureevents
Makeup: Queen of @anitabrowsstudio
Bridal Outfit@tubo__ |@bimmms24@alainebyceline
Groom’s Outfit: @deco_d29@meakstitches@vanskere
Aso-ebi: @bunniebees_fabrics
Security: @chamsconsult
Catering: @tdreamdelicacies@topchefventure
Small chops@12basketsfoodsltd@larrrryspice
Garri platter@1706foodsng
Drinks and cocktails: @richbethdrink
Drinks sponsor: @bluenun_ng
Traditional dessert@meltingmomentsng

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