#LoveintheAM Started With the Lockdown – Enjoy Their Igbo Trad Photos!

Despite the fact that the global pandemic put a stop to a lot of activities, it certainly could not stop love from sprouting. It found  Awelle and Michael and brought them together in the most beautiful way.

They found ways to connect on a deeper level and they quickly realized that they had so much in common. Not only did their sweet love transcend the pandemic, but it also broke through cultural barriers and now, it’s a forever journey for the sweethearts.  As Awelle’s Igbo culture demands, British groom, Mathew came with his family to ask for her hand in marriage. It was indeed a beautiful display of culture and they both rocked their outfits elegantly. The joy and the love on their faces literally lit up the whole ceremony. These two are smitten and it is so glaring. We are super excited that love brought Awelle and Mathew together.

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos and love story below:

Awelle is a super gorgeous bride!

Their love story as shared  by Awelle:

Matthew and I met during COVID-19 and it was love at first sight. As this was also during the lockdown, we could not go on any proper dates. We decided to make use of our environment and went on so many walks and drives around England instead. We spoke for long hours during the day, giving us time to bond properly with each other.

Beauty overdose with the best girls 😍

Over time, we became each other’s best friends. We discovered so many similarities such as food, music, and travel and the rest they say is history. Matthew cooks some of the best Nigerian Jollofs and has embraced the Nigerian culture with so much grace. We’re thrilled that from two different worlds, we’re able to start forever as one.


Mathew is serving regal looks!

Time to tie the knot! But first, let’s take in the beauty of the decor

Let the ceremony begin!

Here comes the groom!

Gorgeous bride approaching 😍

These lovebirds defined elegance with their second look 😍

Give way for the beautiful sweethearts!

Shall we have this first dance? 😍

What’s a wedding without cake? 😍

It’s about to be a lit after-party! 💃

It’s all fun from here!


Bride @awi_pie
Planner @lh_events
Stylist @themelangestyling
Photography @abayomiakinaina
Videography @thegalleryng
DJ @djyinks

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