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Hey Igbo Brides-to-be! You’d Definitely want to Rock this Unique Look on your Big Day

Hey Igbo brides-to-be!

We promised to deliver rich cultural contents when it comes to weddings and we can say that we have been keeping to our word. To further do this, we noticed this unique bridal beauty look and couldn’t help but bring to you.

So dear Igbo brides-to-be, this beauty look is for the Igbankwu ceremony. It is for that first look when the bride comes in with her maidens to greet her in-laws before changing into her palm-wine carrying ceremony outfit. We found everything about the look unique, right from the hairstyle, makeup, down to the outfit.

Here’s what the makeup artist, Okere Chisom shares what inspired this shoot:

My team and I decided to start a bridal series to explore different tribes in Nigeria. We realized that some tribes have not really been explored so we started with Igbo first for this shoot. Our outfits and accessories person @glambeadsbyseline created these outfits to fit perfectly into the tribe. The full look has skewers on it which she made and painted herself. And the hairstylist @lamishair created this amazing hairstyle to fit the look. This is usually the first outfit that the bride wears with her maidens to greet her in-laws


On the outfit and accessories, here’s how GlamBeads by Seline came about it:

I waited for 6 months to get the desired look I wanted. I couldn’t get the screwers to use, so I bought suya sticks and painted them with nail polish so it could be more colourful. Beautified and Lamishair did the rest of the magic. We all wanted something different that wasn’t regular that future Igbo brides can work with. A spice of tradition yet urban and chic.



Belle: @_queenbrendan_
Makeup: @b.e.a.u.t.i.f.i.e.d

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