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Bernice & Paul’s First Meeting was During Evangelism


You never know where love will find you.

For Ghanaian couple, Bernice and Paul, the first time they met was on evangelism in 2013 but nothing happened at that point. They reconnected two years after on Facebook and then another cut-off. Finally, in 2019, they connected again and they led to this beautiful moment.


Here’s how it all started according to Bernice:

John 1:12 – for as many received Jesus, to them he gave the power to become sons of God. This was the opening scripture as I walked into Mensah Sarbah Hall C53 on evangelism with other friends in 2013. Little did I know that was the meeting place for my King and Prince. The word of God turned into a conversation, vibes, and love was birthed.

After the evangelism, we didn’t keep in touch but later reconnected in 2015 on Facebook where Paul shot his major shot and asked for my number. The Cinderella in me couldn’t hold back I dropped the number fast ?. Days went by with serious lovey-dovey conversation, as a matter of fact, I fell for the guy. Don’t shout it, Paul has got the vibes chale. Sadly, we had to end the friendship which was very much like a relationship, and walk away from each other for the second time.

In 2018, Paul came back and asked for an outing, which I gladly agreed to. Guess what, he proposed the time, date, venue, and never showed up. I was very pained, I blocked his number and for the third time, we cut off from each other. Lol ?.

Fast forward, in 2019, I decided to talk to him on July 4th.  I was so shy but guess what Paul was so cool and warm and nice, I couldn’t even believe it. We agreed to hang out later in the evening of that day, clearly, the guy had learnt his lesson and he showed up fast. The same day, we got talking and the chat went further into dating, and quickly marriage planning ?. Well, here we are today! So glad I didn’t miss the moment of calling Paul on that day, I would have lost the joy and peace of having a partner.





Photography: @sorce_photography

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