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Binta Went For A Barbecue Party and Found Her Soulmate, Wale!

When you have a taste of true love, you can’t deny the peace and the warmth that it brings. Binta and Wale’s sweet love is a testament to this fact.

They met at a Summer Barbecue Party and it’s been pure bliss ever since. As they embark on their forever journey, we’ve got their pre-wedding photos to drool over and we can stare all day. From their adorable goofiness and their undeniable chemistry, they are giving us a glimpse into the magic of their love and we are so obsessed. They make a perfect pair and we are super giddy that love found them. 😍

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot below:

Their love story as shared by Binta:

Our love story began at a lively Summer BBQ in North London. Wale was already there helping a friend set up when he caught a sight of me arriving for the nighttime festivities. I was waiting for my friend outside and I struck up a conversation with Wale after a phone call. When I expressed frustration about potentially losing my parking spot, Wale jokingly offered to save it, but later accompanied me on a short drive to pick up my lost friend.

Discovering our offices were a mere 8 minutes apart, our daily lunch routine turned into a deeper connection. As fate would have it, Wale’s office moved even closer to mine, just a 2-minute walk away. Our friendship blossomed into a profound connection marked by shared values, effortless conversations, and a sense of familiarity. Exploring London together, we embraced everyday moments and supported each other’s growth. After months of deepening their bond, Wale surprised me with a rooftop proposal, leading to a traditional ceremony in the city where our story began.


Photography: @thetomiwaajayi
Makeup: @prospottedmakeover
Hairstylist: @midey_millz

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