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One Word for Today’s Bridal Beauty Look- FLAWLESS

There is just something about this look that makes it one to take a screenshot or pin for the big day to show to your makeup artist for the big day. In our trend list, we mentioned that it is going to be the year of the ME looks and already we see makeup artists already dropping some inspiring looks for brides-to-be to try out. Today’s beauty look is from makeup artist Jide of Stola who created this flawless natural glam.

Makeup artist, Jide of Stola tells us the story behind this look:

I bumped into a friend of mine (Uzezi) and her skin was radiant and healthy and I thought to myself a beautiful bridal look would match her facial qualities and viola that’s how this shoot was done. I pulled together an amazing team of creatives and the idea was to come up with images that had grace, poise, and elegance at its finest.

And when you need the after-party look, here’s how to switch it up:

The makeup was clean and modern, I later switched from a super glossy lip with her hair wrapped up to a beautiful red ombré with her hair let down.

Makeup: @jideofstola   | @jide.david_
Photography: @peterusmanphoto | @peterusmanwessings
Hair: @ehishairandnails
Dress: @elegancebridals
Accessories: @myvelvetboxng
Videography: @m_osai

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