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#RnBLove2019’s Started with a Stare ?

Imagine a guy staring so much at a girl that she had to start a conversation. Yes, that was exactly how Bridget and Raymond‘s love story started. Like we always say, love really finds us when we least expect and in the most unexpected places. So ladies, next time a guy stares at you, you know what to do *wink*.

You can catch up with more thrilling love stories by clicking here. Now let’s hear the full gist from the bride-to-be.

It all started at sunset on the 15th of August, 2015 when I got an invitation text to a spot in DC from an old friend who had come to town from Jersey. I was home with my best friend, Nana Ama, bored out of our minds. So the text came just in time to get us out of the house. Our excitement to be out of the house suddenly came to an end when a drunk guy hit my car. As unexpected as this incident was, I was still very optimistic about the night ahead. Not too long after our grand entrance into the party, I noticed a guy (Ray) staring hard in our direction, and of course (without my glasses on) I assumed he was focused on my gorgeous friend, Nana.


Fast forward to the end of the party where all our mutual friends had gathered talking, I noticed again that Ray was still staring hard but this time at me. So I looked at him, smiled and asked “so are you just going to stand there and stare without saying anything?” Boldly, he called me over and little did I know that I was literally cat-walking into my future husband’s life. Nana Ama, knowing our usual girl code about talking to strangers did what any best friend will do to try to save me from an unwanted conversation. However this time, I was curious about this one, so I told her, “Nuh girl, I actually think he’s cute and I am intrigued!”. Oh, how glad I am to have had the discernment spirit to separate the real from the chaff. LOL. Hence, I am not surprised that we will be saying “I do” exactly 4 years later!!!


Now let’s hear about how the proposal went down from the groom-to-be,

Knowing how curious Bridget is with everything, I had a very difficult time coming up with the best way to propose to her. Since we both love traveling, I decided to propose during one of our trips overseas without giving her or any of her friends a clue. And just like that, during a beautiful, intimate dinner on the Seine river close to the Eiffel Tower, I went on one knee and asked the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on to marry me. She laughed ( a wholeeeee lot) and finally said ” YES”

Bride-to-be: @mizsmiley
Groom-to-be: @raymo_pope
Stylist: @vtabi_

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