From Reluctantly Going To a Club to Finding Her Soulmate! Here’s How Brittney & Shola Came To Be

Sometimes in life, things happen unexpectedly and when looking in hindsight, we realize that they were all part of a greater plan or purpose.

Brittney and Shola’s fairytale began with one of such serendipitous moments. It all began with a night out in Nairobi, Kenya. Brittney had reluctantly agreed to go out with her friend that night.. little did she know that a perfect surprise awaited her. As fate would have it, she crossed paths with Shola and what followed was an exciting conversation all night and spontaneous dates after.

Now, these lovebirds are souring into ‘Happy Ever After’ as they tie the knot in a lovely wedding ceremony. They both looked glamorous in their stunning outfits, complementing each other in every way. We are so happy for these two who found love in such a magical way! 😍

Enjoy their wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Brittney:

Shola and I met in Nairobi, Kenya. I was living there at the time, but leaving Nairobi in two weeks. He was visiting from Abuja, Nigeria. I was having a blast on my way out. My friend called me at 3:00 am and told me to come out to this popular club. I didn’t want to go, but she dragged me. We got to the club at 3:30 am and I saw Shola. He was actually with another girl. He stopped talking to the other girl and focused on me for the night.

Brittney in all her beauty 😍


We hung out all night and spent the next day together. I spent every day with him until my flight left Nairobi two weeks later. He flew me to Nigeria a couple of months later to attend his best friend’s wedding as his date. We had such a great time. He continued to fly me to Nigeria to visit and then one day told me he didn’t want me to leave anymore. We got court married, and now traditionally married one year later. I am now living in Abuja. I had 40+ family and friends attend our wedding in Nigeria. Love is a beautiful thing.

All set for the big day!

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

This sweet first look moment has us cheesing out

Let’s take in the beauty of this decor before we begin


More doses of love and beauty 😍


Time to officially jump the broom

Here’s to happy ever after 😍

It’s after party o’clock!

It’s all fun from here!

Brittney and Shola also had a traditional wedding and here’s how they showed up:



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