Revel In The Beauty Of Love With Lesoda & Bruno’s Destination Wedding In Marrakech

From a sweet introduction by a mutual friend years ago to a scenic destination wedding in Marrakech, Lesoda and Bruno’s love story continues to unveil like a classic rom-com.

Today, we get to revel in all the sweetness of love with their stunning wedding photos. Theirs was an outdoor wedding against the enchanting backdrop of nature. Lesoda looked absolutely radiant in her custom dress, while Bruno beamed with joy as they exchanged vows amidst the picturesque setting. It was a celebration filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. No doubt, the #LBForever has indeed made our day and it’ll definitely make yours too.

Enjoy their white wedding photos below and see their traditional wedding here:

Did someone say, gorgeous bride? 😍

All set for the big day 😍

Let’s check out the dapper groom

The right amount of love and beauty

Time to be joined in holy matrimony

Here comes the bride!

Time to exchange those heartfelt vows

A symbol of our undying love 😍

Signed and sealed for life!

Here’s to happy ever after!

It’s wedding reception o’clock!

Dancing to the tunes of love!

Cake as sweet as our love!

Here’s to happy ever after! 😍


Planner @madame__dubois
Photography @bedgepictures
Bridal Robe @scissoredbyesse
Wedding dress @alonuko_bridal

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