The #ForeverTheAppiahs21 Wedding in Ghana was Just Like a Movie

When last did you attend a wedding so lit? Well, you’re about to attend one now – albeit virtually! You already know how much we love weddings so of course, you can guess how excited we are right now. #ForevertheAppiahs21 was nothing short of a movie.

This beautiful Ghanaian couple went all out as they started a new phase of their lives. Right from the morning prep, you could already tell see to expect nothing less than magic. The beautiful bride, Angela surprised her husband with a Rolex watch before the ceremony and his excitement literally went off the roof. She also got a beautiful necklace for her baby and we’re just blushing at all the thoughtful sweetness that these lovebirds exude. Everyone came ready to party and it showed!

After exchanging their voice, they brought all the heat to the reception party. The bridal party did not come to slack at all – their vibes were simply off the charts. All the guests were in the same jolly spirit and there’s just so much to be giddy about. We definitely also have to talk about Angela’s looks – she came through completely charming and the groom equally dapper. The venue, decor, music, food…every single thing about this wedding was completely on point and you’ve just got to catch all the vibes from the wedding video.

Enjoy the #ForeverTheAppiahs21 wedding below. We guarantee that it will make your day.



Videography: @maxwelljennings
Photography: ย @gee_q_photos


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