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Glow in Green on Your Traditional Wedding with This Beauty Look

When it comes to traditional wedding ceremonies, there are many beautiful moments that culture gives us on a platter. One of such is the wine-carrying ceremony at the Igbo wedding. The bride walks elegantly across several canopies with the wine to give her one true love.

Now, asides from the wine in her hands, one sure thing that distinguishes the bride from everyone else, is her look! Yes, the bride is the star of the occasion and as such, her looks reflect it. We’ve got this bridal beauty look that definitely seals the bride’s exquisite position. The glam by makeup artist,  Isabel Makeover is simply on point. We absolutely love how the nude glam subtly captivates our attention. The Gele by TT Gele is intricately styled to give that unique look that’s befitting of a bride on her big day. The colours, of course, add their own life to the entire look. If your traditional wedding is coming up soon, you’ve just come to the right place.

Check out the beauty look below and let us know what you think. You can definitely check out more bridal beauty looks here.



Makeup: @isabelmakeover
Gele & Handfan: @ttgele_
Accessories: @tophertonyjewelry
Styling: @ttluxurystyles
Photography: @nonniz_photography
Retouching: @jadsondray
Outfit: @ochoonma.rtw

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