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Chika & Johnson Met on Instagram – Now It’s #JohnsonsChik Forever!

Let us just start by saying, social media has earned its stars in the Cupid hall of fame! 😅 We get to enjoy another beautiful love story and it’s all thanks to social media. In this case, it’s Instagram that brought Chika and Johnson together.

Chika and Johnson established an online friendship when Johnson replied her Instagram post once and then made it a routine to always respond to her posts with his two cents. The two became cordial. As time went on, things graduated from “post and replies” buddies to a physical meet and the sparks that flew have led us to this moment. Chika and Johnson are now going the forever way and as you can already tell, we’re absolutely excited! Their pre-wedding shoot has us swooning with all the chemistry exuding. Their style and sync is totally top-notch.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story as Chika tells it:

Johnson and I met on Instagram. I had posted something on Instagram and he responded to my post with his advice.

Funny enough, we had mutual friends on Instagram. We had met in person but we didn’t take notice of each other. Subsequently, when I post he would reply and give his thoughts. It became continuous.

At this time we were both in relationships and were respectful of each other’s relationship.

Here’s how Johnson continued the love story:

In 2019, I asked her if she was ever coming to Nigeria and she said yes. In December 2019, I saw her post and I was like, ” I thought you said you were going to come to Nigeria?”

She asked for my number and called instantly with a Nigerian number. She said she wanted to surprise me. At that time, I was in the East and she was in Lagos. This time, we were both single.

When I arrived in Lagos, I went to see her the next day. We ended up chatting for about 4 – 5 hours. I almost missed the vigil I was meant to attend because we kept talking. We saw each other again that weekend.

Chika travelled back and we kept in touch. On May 20th 2020, we made it official. Fast forward to May 18th 2021, I proposed. I planned to propose on the 20th, the same day we kicked off but something happened. Now, here we are!



Bride-to-be: @chichitruffle
Planner: @2706events
Bridal Styling: @thewardrobemanager
Groom Styling: @kuartz_
Makeup: @zainabazeez
Hairstylist: @tea.styles
Hair: @hikkyshair
Burgundy and Black dresses: @marveeofficial
Gold Dress: @the_ladymaker
Traditional accessories: @kishlys
Suit: @taryorgabriels
Black Shoes: @loluesq
Brown Shoes: @phajoveralls
Brown Kaftan: @taryorgabriels
Grooms Beads: @justbeadit
Photography: @tope_horpload

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