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Chinenye Fell In Love With The Stranger in Her Instagram DM! Enjoy #aDMlovestory

Sometimes, something as simple as a DM is all it takes to go from being strangers to being friends and eventually, soulmates! Wondering how to go about this? You’ll definitely want to get a few tips from Chinenye and Afolabi’s sweet love story. 😍

It all began two years ago when Afolabi tactically slid into Chinenye’s DM. Even though she wasn’t ready for a relationship then, they remained friends and soon, they went from the friend zone to the forever zone! Today, we’ve got their pre-wedding photos to drool over and it’s cuteness overdose! Their hearty smiles and sweet chemistry in each frame have us blushing hard. They look so perfect together and we are absolutely rooting for them!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Chinenye:

As a huge fan of Johnny Drille, I saw he was a guest artiste at The “Young and Free” conference organized by Celebration Church in 2021. At the time, I was leaving a terrible relationship and wasn’t even prepared for anyone yet. To ease my mind, I decided to go see a Fave artiste perform that evening after work. As an IG sweet girl who is always on her InstaStories and who loves to share updates, I made videos of the event and posted them for my IG Fam to catch up.

I woke up the following morning to a stranger’s like on all my photos and a message in the DM saying “Oh you came? “ I was surprised at this question because this was hours after and I had moved on from it. Well, I reluctantly replied and we bonded over happenings that took place at the event including the category I belonged to when Singles and people in relationships were asked to either stand or sit 🤣. Of course, I told him where I fell and his response was “We’ve found you”.

I wasn’t ready for anything at all that year despite him being so intentional about us… So we maintained a friendship up until the next year when we started our love journey. It’s been an amazing ride filled with so much fun, love, goofiness, sacrifice, care and everything in between; he was such a sweet soul. Fast forward to May this year, he popped the question and I gave him a definite YES!


Bride: @miz_chik
Groom: @afo.abioye
Photography: @nicoleadehi_valeo
Outfits: @shop_kaylah
Makeup: @kachis_glam
Planner: @qmaravieplanners

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