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Chinwe Reluctantly Went For a Birthday Party & She Met Her Man, Ozzy!

It’s so beautiful how love can be so random and it finds you in places you least expect. One minute, you’re having drinks at a party with the friends who practically dragged you there… before you know it, you’re planning a wedding! This was the case with Chinwe and Ozzy.

Along with their awesome pre-wedding shoot that has us drooling, the love story of these sweethearts is another thing that’s absolutely making our day today. Chinwe and Ozzy met at a birthday party which led to a date and then a whirlwind romance. Things did not immediately transcend into the “happy ever after” we have now. But at last, forever begins for the lovebirds! You surely want to know how it all panned out… and you will! Just continue scrolling to read how Chinwe narrates the full gist.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

Their love story as Cinwe shares it:

We met at a birthday party in 2016. My NYSC had just ended and I remember attending a couple of parties with my friends to celebrate the end of a year-long struggle. When this invite came through, I initially declined but later changed my mind after being pressured by two of my male friends.

Not too long after we arrived at the venue, a guy walked up to us and said, “please is anyone of you her boyfriend?” Once he found out I was single, he said, “please my friend wants to speak to you”. Shakara babe like me, I wanted to say no but the alcohol had hit so I was in a free-spirited mood and agreed to speak to “the friend”.

When I walked up to him, I couldn’t see his face clearly because it was dark. But I was definitely attracted to his voice during our conversation. So we exchanged numbers and kept in touch. On my way to our first date, I still didn’t know what he looked like.

It felt like I was going on a blind date. I laughed at myself thinking, “Hmmm…. what if this guy is not fine” Lol. We eventually met and boom he was my type! I can’t even lie, I was happy. The date went well and within a month, we were officially dating.

Like any real relationship, we had our ups and downs. So we parted ways and moved on. After being apart for 2 years… We became friends again and realized God wanted us to be together. Then we rekindled our relationship and here we are now, by the grace of God, committing to forever!



Styling: @rougevalet
Planner: @elithan_events
Photography: @jopstudios | @oak.studios
Makeup: @_v.verbena
Red Dress: @xtrabrideslagos
Earrings: @kairafashionhouse
Necklaces: @datemagic
Hairstylist: @bg_hair | @fibeads
Backdrop Decor: @cheyee_dekor

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