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MI Abaga & Eniola Mafe’s Pre-wedding Shoot Will Make Your Day!

Love is such a beautiful thing! We can’t help our giddiness each time this heartwarming phenomenon stares us in the face. As they say, if you’ve got love, you’ve got everything! Today, we’re taking in all the beauty of this magic called love through the lenses of love-struck sweethearts, MI Abaga and Eniola Mafe.

The internet went up with excitement when the superstar rapper, Jude Lemfani Abaga, popularly known as MI Abaga announced that he was getting married to the love of his life, Eniola. Now, we’ve also got their pre-wedding photos to enjoy and our joy knows no bounds. Their pre-wedding photos are giving us all the feels and their chemistry is simply undeniable.

The love birds shared the beautiful photos on their Instagram, and Eniola had this to say:

I was minding my single-woman business, hanging out with friends, progressing in my career, living my best life in Europe and staying hydrated. @audumaikori had heard me talk about what kind of person I would ever consider as a life partner. One day he told me that there was someone he thought would be a great fit for me. He described Jude and while I liked what I heard, I specifically said that dating a rapper was “not my ministry” 😊. I had obviously heard of Jude and liked his music, and knew him to be handsome, highly intelligent and driven, but that was it. At the same time, Jude had noticed me and started following me on social media. I remember thinking “hmmmm?!?!” but passed it up to my INCREDIBLE social media charm and the quality of my thought-provoking Instagram content 😉.

To carry on our technology-enabled connection, Jude would find cute ways to support me, connect with me, share funny stories, or write me songs on the spot when I was down. That’s how love entered and will never leave o!!!!

Jude “  @mi_abaga Mr. Incredible” Abaga, Lemfani the Rescuer, the Microphone Magician, African Rapper #1 is an experience! He is MY GUY!!

I just can’t wait to do life with MY GUY! I dey for you!

Enjoy their beautiful pre-wedding photos below.




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