The #CJLovestory White Wedding is One for the Books

We cannot get enough of the #CJLovestory. Remember that pre-wedding shoot in Dubai and Canada. Yes, here is their white wedding ceremony and we have lots of amazing pictures of their big day.

Fabric merchant Cynthia and star wedding photographer Jide had such a charming white wedding ceremony a few days after their traditional engagement ceremony (Click HERE to view photos).

Love these two!

Let’s flashback to the beginning of the #CJLovestory

Cynthia and I went to the same primary, secondary school, and university. Both my dad and her mum were staff members of the same institution but we had only shared a few hi’s. It was in 2013, at a mutual friend’s wedding that I will say we officially met. I was at a table being my usual lousy self with my group of miscreant friends when she walked in and sat at the table. I whispered to my twin friends “Omo see my girlfriend” and we both laughed. -Jide recalls

Time to take your first look at your bride, Jide.

It was a Herculean task getting Cynthia’s number. I asked about three of her friends but they all kept posting me. I took my fate in my hands and went to look for her by myself. Thank God for Twitter (I roast tire for that DM sha oh), and BBM (when she finally promoted me). Line by line, joke by joke, date by date, it took a while, but I finally got her to say the much awaited “Jide, I love you”.

Oh lest I forget, after we had started dating, I saw her selfies from the wedding and there I was in the background of every single picture. Ehen! So she was checking me out that day too? (She still maintains it’s coincidence but I believe one or two pictures can be coincidental not so many selfies with me in it.

Loving the colour mix!

Daddy and his princess on the dancefloor.

Hey mama, you mean so much to me.

Okay, let’s take it higher! Party mood activated.

@jopstudios | @jideakinyemiphotography
Bride’s Makeup:
Black & Plum Tuxedos:
Groomsmen Lavender Suit: @adetorchlagos
Groom’s Shoes:
Brown Shoes:

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