Here’s What a Typical Day in The Life of Top Makeup Artist Banke Meshida Lawal Looks Like

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their big day, everyone wants to look their best for that special event. This depends on a number of things: the face beat, hairstyle, dress, accessories, shoes, e.t.c.

It takes a whole lot to make a stunning bridal look, that’s why we followed the amazing Banke Meshida Lawal popularly known as Banksbmpro to find out what a day in her life looks like.

Banke Meshida Lawal is the CEO of BMPRO, a beauty and makeup brand. She is an award-winning professional makeup artist who has won a number of awards and recognition for her influence in the beauty industry. She is also one of the makeup artists on the speed-dial of many celebrities and prominent personalities.

Let’s take you through a typical day in the world of Banke.

By 5 am, I jumped out of bed after having konked out at 1 am. I’d been paranoid that I was going to oversleep. So I said a prayer and checked my Instagram. Few minutes after, I get into my car by 6:10 am and made the long drive to Ikeja G.R.A. I arrive there by  7:10 and my bride for the day, Banke wasn’t even awake yet! So I got into her suite at about 7:28 and decided to continue my interrupted sleep.

Finally, by 8 am, we start the makeup. Bernardsmilles, the hairstylist got in at 8:20. Typically I would let the hairstylist go first but I had made up my mind that I was having first dibs as I arrived first, and I wasn’t going to be the rushed one today! Lol. At about 10:15 am we are finally done with the makeup and we start the photo session.

With lots of oohs and ahhs as my bride, Banke twisted, turned and posed like the supermodel she is in her breathtaking dress by April by Kunbi.

At 11:10, she left for church and we headed back to the Island. At 11:30, I got a call from my next client. She was already waiting. She’s such a good sport and told me she could pop out somewhere-else and come back when I’m all set for her. Phew! Finally at 12:05, I make it back to the studio and set up for my next client. She came in at 12:20 with the blinding glow on her skin. At 2:45 pm, her makeup was done and her photo session starts. She’s wearing a gorgeous #Iyshacouture dress. Beautiful!

Just as we are gearing up for the videos the next client Bolanle walks in. It really is back to back with no breather today. At 3:15 pm, we start her makeup. Hers is a green outfit with a beautiful bow detail. By 4:30 pm, her makeup was done and photos begin.

At 4:48 pm, my 5 pm appointment client Toshowoods walks in. Why is everyone keeping to time these days? What’s going on? At exactly 5 pm, Toshowoods is in my chair for her makeup and hair. She had no clue what she wanted to do to her hair so we had to call in a bmprohair stylist.

At 7 pm. My next client Deola walks in. We finish and start the photo session for Toshowoods. A very pleased party guest. Definitely, a show stopper in her snatched bodycon dress! At 7:30 pm, we start on Deola. As we go on, her husband comes in to pick her just as we are finishing off. Thank Goodness we were almost done. But we still kept him waiting a bit. He’s the absolute best as he was so patient with us.

By 10 pm, they depart. It’s been a long day, my feet are dead, I’m making resolves to lose weight so my knees don’t give! Lol. At 12.05am, I get sucked into watching The Bodyguard with the hubs. Finally by 1:45 am my eyes can’t stay open and I stumble off to bed!

Wow, wow, such an eventful and busy day. It’s a whole lot of work in one day. See more of her work on @banksbmpro

Makeup & Photography: @banksbmpro

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    December 3, 2018 at 4:02 PM

    Lovely read. Instagram makes it look easy! Definitely a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

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