Dolapo & Feranmi Went From Barely Speaking to Being Inseparable!

We live for love stories and we can never get tired of hearing them! Dolapo and Feranmi are giving us our love dose today with their beautiful white wedding photos and sweet love story.

These lovebirds were acquaintances who barely spoke. As time passed, they got inseparable and chose to spend the rest of their lives together. They tied the knot in a beautiful indoor white wedding and we can not get over how Dolapo’s elegance shone through her big day.

Feranmi showed up looking stylish and these two are just a perfect pair! We are so happy for Damola and Feranmi who get to bask in the sweetness of love. We know their wedding photos will brighten your day.

Enjoy their white wedding photos below and see their traditional engagement here.

Their love story as shared by Dolapo:

I knew Feranmi existed but we barely spoke for 3 years till I became his sister’s (Moni) friend. In 2014, things changed (LOL); I looked forward to seeing Feranmi more. While studying for my board exams in 2015, he would keep me company or text me funny GIFs for comic relief. He was the first person I got to see after I wrote the exam. I was freaking out because I thought I had failed but he calmed my nerves, and he is still excellent at calming me down.

Dolapo is such a gorgeous bride!

Our birthdays are 2 days apart, we went out for mine. I left that ‘date’ and called my sister, finally admitting out loud that I “70-85% like him like him”; It was 100%, to be honest. So, when it was his birthday, and he had a birthday party where he barely paid me any attention, I was a little salty.

The next day, we were texting and for some reason, the saltiness from last night and the silent liking for almost a year got to me. The conversation sort of led to me letting him know that I did like him, and he also said it back.

All set for the big day!

There was no turning back at that point, ’cause I had receipts! In the most challenging moments, Feranmi proves himself to be the best guy. He is undeniably the best person for me. Feranmi absolutely lights up my world, he is encouraging, and the most fun, it’s rarely a dull moment with him. I am so blessed to get to spend forever and fulfil destiny with you boo.

Their love story as shared by Feranmi:

I met Dolapo in 2011. I can’t remember any details other than she was with a couple of people and I was told: “this is Pastor Ezra’s daughter”. I’m like, who is Pastor Ezra?! I can count the number of times we spoke on one hand in this 3-4 year gap. The most memorable was when she came to pick up an ID at my house. Hmmm, Dolapo what did you need an ID for? We thank God for life change.

Let’s check out the groom!

Fast forward 3-4 years later. We somehow became friends and one faithful day during this friendship, I saw her going for a date/meet-up with ‘Thomas’ (that is not his real name oo). Safe to say I have been noticing her since then. For the first ‘date’, I hate to say it but this was not a date to me. She was simply taking me out on her birthday. I mean, we were just friends.

Funny thing is that’s the worst restaurant we have ever been to. But we will never forget it. As a wise man once said, “Company you are with > Food served in a restaurant”, I am that wise man. Dolapo is the best. She really is. In good times, better times, best times- she is cheerleader numero 1. Excited to continue doing life with her.

Aww, such a cute couple!

Let’s start with the groom entrance!

Here comes the bride!

Let two become one!

Let’s get this signed!

Together forever!

Off to forever!

Now, it’s reception o’clock! First, a view of the beautiful decor…

More photos? Yes, please!

Let’s get this party started!

The lit bridal squad!

Here comes the latest couple!

Aww, the sweet mother-son dance

Such a cute family

May we have theis first dance?

Let’s have cake!

Outfit change, it’s about to be a fun night!

Some heartwarming speeches

It’s all fun from here!


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