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The #EClovestory Began With a Welcome Handshake at Work!

Love can turn a look, a touch or the sound of a voice into an unexplainable heart-racing sensation… we bet today’s sweethearts who happen to be doctors will agree that this is not a bad medical condition. It is simply what we call the love effect! 😍

For Chubby, it was the feeling of Ebube’s hands against his with what was meant to be an ordinary welcome handshake at the hospital. He immediately knew that the feeling he had was not ordinary. It was the spark of a love flame that was set to burn forever. Well, they held on to each other’s hands, journeying through life together and building an inseparable bond. Now, the lovebirds are taking a beautiful step to forever and we are so happy for them. They look absolutely smitten and it’s hard to miss the love glow. Keep scrolling and take in all the beauty of the #EClovestory

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Chubby:

Sometime in December 2018, I was working at Defence Headquarters Medical Centre in Asokoro, Abuja. Then one fine day, they told us some new doctors were joining us to increase our number in the department so I said, let’s meet these new doctors. I walked into the ward and the chief medical officer introduced three new doctors to me and my colleagues and one of them in particular stood out from the rest for me. I brought out my hand to shake these doctors but Ebube’s handshake was different.

Hers was longer than the rest and that was when I knew that this was someone I was going to marry. We were colleagues so I had to keep it professional at the beginning. From there, our friendship blossomed. Unfortunately, she didn’t stay long in the hospital but I didn’t let her out of my sight. It’s been an awesome experience for us. From working in Abuja to working in different cities but we never lost touch. It’s been an amazing ride by God’s grace and now, here we are on our forever journey.



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