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Eniade Found the Ying to Her Yang in Ibukun

It’s #TheWIaffair21!

This love story took 12 years in the making and now that they are here, they can’t be any happier.

Eniade and Ibukun‘s pre-wedding shoot planned by Elposh Events and beautifully captured by JOP Studios is giving us that chilled feel and it’s just so evident how much these two are excited about this new phase.  We know you want to know how this love story panned out, so keep scrolling to find out.


Here’s how it all started according to the bride, Eniade:

Ours has been a journey of over 12 years, Ibukun and I started off as friends. Sometimes we would not be in touch for a long while but when we reconnected, we would have such good conversations. Although no romance was involved before 2020 we had an amazing friendship which I think is the foundation of our love and why we are even here at all.

My husband proposed to me very privately asking me if I would marry him while we were together sometime last year, I said yes.  Immediately after the lockdown, we went ahead to introduce our families and had our civil wedding. Ibukun is an amazing human being and I honestly do not see myself doing this journey with someone else, he completes me and I am very happy I found the Ying to my Yang.




Bride: @_eniade
Planning & Coordination: @elposh_events
Makeup: @naveen_dawlley
Hair: @slayedbyajey
Photography: @jopstudios

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