Esther and Damilola’s White Wedding Video Was A Beautiful Display of Love!

Beauty, laughter, and love sums up the delightful union of Esther and Damilola. The sweethearts exchanged their vows in a beautiful indoor ceremony, giving us more reasons to appreciate love!

Esther looked absolutely gorgeous in her white dress and Damilola made a fine groom. The air was solemn as these lovebirds made a forever promise to each other in the presence of friends and family. They switched to the wedding reception and it was so much fun. The couple made a grand dance entrance and delivered 100% vibes. There were lots of games, and fun to go round. You should also look out for the cute speeches from their friends which will have you blushing hard. Esther and Damilola had such a beautiful wedding and every moment will have you glued to your screen.

Enjoy their wedding video below:


Videography @exclusivevisuals

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