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Esther & Dare’s Love Story Began With an Official Phone Call

Sometimes, certain issues that would be regarded as a snag may just be the path to meeting the love of your life! For Esther and Dare, their love story started with a little office inconvenience.

Esther’s path crossed with Dare’s on a random evening when a report delayed her closing time at the office. One phone call to rectify this and Dare was at the other end. How did this all play out? Well Esther gives us the full gist so keep scrolling to enjoy it all. We’re totally loving their pre-wedding photos along with the obvious chemistry they both share!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story according to Esther:

Oludare and I first met in 2018. I had just resumed a new job a few months before and was busy getting familiar with the ropes of the job. On this fateful day, I was working late and was delayed at the office because I was waiting for a report from an institution.

So I decided to call the contact person and it turned out to be Oludare. After firmly requesting that he send the report asap, it appeared that Cupid was already shooting arrows at his heart just by hearing my voice. Loool, okay, okay I kid. 😅

Shortly after I dropped the call, instead of receiving my report, I got an invitation on LinkedIn and thereafter a message that said “Hi…decided to check you out on LinkedIn”. To which I responded “ interesting”. I was still waiting for my report so I couldn’t be bothered. 🤣🤣🤣

There was dead silence till about a year later. Again, I call his office to speak with someone and he picks up. I introduce myself nicely, ask for the contact person and was passed on to speak to the person, only to hear my full name in the background.

My mind goes, “ errrrm who knows me there.” He comes back to the phone after I’m done speaking with the person I called for and reintroduces himself. I remember the name from the LinkedIn encounter from 1 year ago.

Right there and then he wasn’t going to take the chances of not speaking again. Yes, my voice is that angelic. Lol. He asks for my number, calls me after a day or two and we have spoken every day since then! Oludare Is my angel! I’m sooooo excited to be doing forever with him.



Bride: @afolayanesther
Groom : @dgreatest01
Photography: @blawzstudios
Planner: @bankysuevents
Makeup: @glammed_by_gaga
Gele: @eminence_mez
MC: @dayoice
Stylist: @tsimcloset

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