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Esther & Dolapo’s Pre-wedding Shoot Will Make you Blush! P.S: Their Proposal Story is ?

When two people are destined to be together, nothing else matters and Love will definitely make it happen! Esther and Dolapo are on their “happy ever after” journey and stories like theirs remind us that in the end, love always wins.

Esther and Dolapo’s pre-wedding shoot is giving us all the feels today. The perfect pair came with all the heat and we can’t help but love it. Their happiness is super contagious, and their chemistry is simply off the roof! Esther and Dolapo, like many couples, had faced challenges in their relationship but at the end of the day, love won and Dolapo popped the big question! We bet you definitely want to know how he pulled it off. Well, he shares the full story with us. So, keep scrolling to see.

Check out their lovely pre-wedding photos below.


The proposal according to Dolapo:

Esther and I dated for a little over one year. Although this stint was fraught with both fun & challenges, I knew I wanted her to be my wife. Suffice to say that during this period, she broke up with me twice. But we always found our way back to each other.

On Thursday 2nd July 2020, I purchased a ring with the plan of proposing on Saturday 4th July. I had made plans, covid-19 notwithstanding. Being a traditional man, I wanted to do things right. Contrary to popular opinions, on Friday 3rd July, I approached her father informing him of my intentions to marry his daughter. Being a Pastor, the man asked me to give him some time to pray over the matter.

I had to cancel all plans, awaiting her father’s response. I was conflicted within me, questioning if it was a good idea to ask her dad. After all, most folks don’t bother anyway. But the velvety feeling inside of me assured me I had done the right thing and probably earned some measure of respect along the way.

Finally, about a month later (8th August), her father summoned me to give his consent. I immediately reignited plans to propose. All was set for August 15th (a week after the parental consent). Coincidentally, the day happens to be her Mother’s birthday. I didn’t plan to attend but Esther persuaded me to. Immediately after the party, we drove to Golden Tulip hotel. I made up a story about having a meeting with my boss and some important people. I later invited my baby to come down for an early dinner.

While we were waiting for the food, BeeJay Sax, the saxophone maestro, began to serenade the atmosphere. My baby, unperturbed and unsuspecting, just continued her gist. But when BJ Sax came closer and stared her in the face, she was like “Why is this guy facing me?”

As the saxophonist caught her attention, her family and friends trooped out from a corner of the room. It was at this point she looked back and saw me on one knee… Now, here we are!



Stylist: @gloryuduma
Hairstylist: @Dharmsug 
Videography: @Wealthmediahouse
Photography: @dmphotographyng
Makeup: @Bibyonce 
Groom’s Suit: @Davidwej 
Bride’s Suit: @Tnldesigns
White shirt: @Davidwej 
Dress: @Omazim

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