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Tidiku Was to Handle Precious’ Business Account, Now He’s Got Her Heart!

Life comes with a lot of funny and unpredictable twists. Today, we get to celebrate one of such twists that have now led to a “happy ever after!”. Precious and Tidiku give us all reason to be giddy today with their sweet love story and beautiful pre-wedding photos.

Precious met Tidiku for the time, in her office. The only thing bringing them together was Precious’ corporate account. However, love had other plans and the result of that is what we’re gushing over today. Yes! The two hearts now beat as one and we couldn’t be more excited for the love birds! The sweethearts both share the love story with us. Just keep scrolling to enjoy it all.

See all their beautiful photos below.

Here’s how Precious shares their love story:

We met in my office, at the time he worked with the corporate banking team that managed my company’s account. I had reached out to a lady on their team to open a corporate account for my food business. Sadly, she resigned and was handing over to him.

I saw him one day on the aisle in my office and was stunned. I asked around to know who he was and found out he was the new member of the team. Well, I walked up to him striking a conversation about my corporate account without mentioning I had started a conversation with the previous lady. He was slow and didn’t ask for my number so I asked for his so I could follow up.

Their love story according to Tidiku:

It was very early in February, I just started managing the account of her firm in order to build my numbers. A colleague handed her number to me to open a business account for her food outfit. I didn’t imagine I would meet someone I would eventually love. At first, I thought she was going to be some old lady but as soon as I saw her, I was awestruck.

She thought we exchanged numbers on the aisle of her office. Little did she know I already had it and have quietly been plotting my way on how to ask her out. Till today, she thinks she shot her shot. Let’s allow her to live with it please. lol. Whatever floats her boat, but that’s how it all started. 😊



Bride-to-be: @styletudebykoko
Groom-to-be: @tidiku_mato
Planner: @cadaoraevents
Makeup: @dom_krasota
Photography: @tosin_josh
Videography: @ouch_films

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