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Ezinne & Samson Met on a Staff Bus – Now, They’re Getting Hitched!

It may seem as though it’s time to update our list of likely places to find the love of your life. Our latest addition? The staff bus! This was how Ezinne met the love of her life, Samson.

The love birds happened to work in the same bank and on this fateful day, Samson joined the staff bus where he laid eyes on the gorgeous Ezinne for the first time. As a sharp guy, he did what needed to be done to get her attention. Now, the two are taking  ride down their forever way, love struck and excited for a new phase and of course, we’re absolutely rooting for them. As they countdown to the big day, we’ve got their beautiful pre-wedding photos to admire.

Enjoy their lovely pre-wedding photos below and see how they both tell their love story.

Their love story as narrated by Ezinne:

I was an intern in a bank that year, Samson had just finished his service year in that same bank. He entered the staff bus at a junction and had to stand because there was no space. This guy entered and started making noise, greeting everybody and even had the audacity to hum and sing (he had his earpiece and probably got lost in the loud music). The next day, he got to the staff bus before me from the park and saved me a seat. That was the first time we talked for more than ten minutes at a go. He asked me to help him submit a document at HR and we sort of bonded over Jason Derulo’s “Other side”. I didn’t see him outside of the staff bus until he came for the onboarding process at HR for retention.

We were friends until the day I got to the park and he saw me in a bigger jacket and a colleague helping me. I was feeling feverish and was already running a temperature. He waited till we got on the bus, then asked me to remove the guy’s jacket, returned it and put his own over my shoulders. Even with the fever, I just started laughing. He held my hands throughout the ride and even though we were still “friends” we sort of both knew it wasn’t going to end there. The best part of Samson is that he’s always been patient. Even now, writing this, I’m remembering the different times he’s held me down when I thought I would fall apart. Even more than I love him, I trust him. And even more than I trust him, I’m confident in the love he has for me.

Here is Samson’s side of the story:

I had just gotten a job with a bank after completing NYSC with the same bank and was going through OJT (On the Job Training) at a branch. One day, I joined the staff bus after work and Immediately, I saw a pretty girl that I had never seen before smiling, not at me though but that smile was what captured my attention – it was so beautiful and pure. There was no seat so I had to stand “ normal Lagos style” just to get home. I knew a lot of people on that bus because it was a regular route and we were all headed toward the same destination. So, I was gisting and making noise just to make sure that she noticed me.

After that day, I kept trying to find her but I didn’t know the department she worked in. Then one day, we went to HR to get our employment letters/deployment letter and I saw her but she was too busy to notice me. At the time I didn’t even know she was an intern. So my training was moved to the head office operation teams and after work the first day, I went to join the bus and saw her. I was very excited but tried to keep my cool. I eventually hustled a seat next to her and attempted to start a conversation, thank God she loved music and I was the music man so the conversation went really well.

To cut the long story short, we became friends and started talking a lot, during work, at home, every time in fact, we grew fond of each other and well, she became the love of my life. We are getting married. We had and still have our issues but most of all, we’ve grown into accepting each other’s flaws and loving each other completely. Ezinne is my weakness and my strength, she is my peace when I am troubled. Her love and kindness are pure and genuine. Our love is like Glue and sand, inseparable (*inside joke).



Photography: @damimanuels

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