Here’s Your Guide to an Unconventional Wedding Reception by Extreme Vogue Events

Editor’s Note: Hey there, BellaNaija Weddings Fam! It’s day 2 of the BellaNaija Weddings Freshers Week and today, we’ve got this guide on having an intimate art-infused wedding reception from BellaNaija Weddings Fresher planner, Extreme Vogue Events.

First of all, shout out to Nigeria for constantly doing the most amazingly when it comes to wedding receptions. Regardless, it should be pointed out that because “elaborate” is the usual trend doesn’t mean all hope is lost for our crowd of couples who would prefer an unconventional wedding reception. The history in the concept of white wedding ceremonies and reception is made up and was never initially bound to any culture or moral obligation rather the structural, yet the beautiful idea of officially joining a man and a woman who has chosen to remain committed to each other till death do them part.

Knowing this, we can see how it’s okay to not fall into the line of reasoning that claims that a white wedding ceremony and reception should be done in a traditional pattern. This allows couples experience the wedding of their dreams. Intricate details of the event depend on the kind of ceremony the couple is interested in having, and for a generation where people are fascinated by the technicality and functionality of design, it is only evolutionarily right for a room full of wedding guests to expect an aesthetically pleasing experience without missing out on the reason for the occasion which is the celebration of love, commitment, and partnership of the couple, the families and friends.

Planner: @extremevogueevent | Photography: @acenaija

In Nigeria Today, we have seen a few upcoming trends where couples are jumping the broom in non-traditional, yet intimate styles that bring us in contact with their uniqueness and that of their social environment. We’ve seen the garden weddings, beach weddings, rooftop weddings, art gallery weddings, etc. and it has been quite refreshing. Below are a few tips we’ve gathered from wedding production professionals on how to effortlessly achieve an unconventional wedding reception.


Choose your wedding style/theme

Asoebi and vibes are not a wedding style/theme. You and your partner would have to come up with a wedding theme or style that you both agree on. One that resonates with both your personalities. The idea can come from sentimental values such as where you first met, a favorite movie, your occupations, your favorite place in the world, etc. Your choice then should reflect in the venue, decor, dress code, food, and a few other areas.

Decor: @reguisdynastyevents_cakesnmore

Get a wedding planner

You, your mum, and her sisters are so thoughtful but if you all are not professionally trained as planners, save yourselves the stress of trying to plan a wedding. A wedding planner is professionally trained and equipped enough to understand and speak the language of event production to the satisfaction of their clients. Hiring a wedding planner drastically
reduces the risk of getting mad or crying on your big day.

Planner: @extremevogueevent | Photography: @acenaija

Have a smart and realistic wedding budget

Unconventional weddings are usually minimalistic. The wedding budget entirely depends on the number of guests you’re looking to invite. Believe me, when I say this, you don’t need to invite everyone you’ve ever crossed paths with. Your cook from boarding school can definitely sit this one out, your parent’s old boys and old girls wouldn’t mind either, and there’s no possible way you and your partner have 400 and above personal friends, you are not the pope.


Don’t compromise on photography

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. The photographers and videographers are the custodians of those special moments on your big day. When choosing a photographer, hire one that applies quality and excellence in creative directions, and has a keen sight over the kind of shots that would matter to you. A friendly piece of advice would be, despite all the hassle of a big day, to be patient when it’s time to pose and get those beautiful shots you wanted.

Photography: @acenaija

Think about your styling as a couple

Picking the right dress and suit is an overwhelming experience especially if your style is a little different from what we know to be available. Nevertheless, we’ve seen clothing designers play with silhouettes and colours for special occasions, so getting custom-made outfits that would complement the concept of the wedding background is 101% doable. The outfits should be comfortable yet stylish.

Dress: @i.wear.asika | Groom Styling: @extremevogueevent

The bridal makeup matters

We never really forget how beautiful a bride looked on her wedding day and neither does her husband. Your beauty should be blended into perfection by a good makeup artist that is skilled in making sure all that facial glam stays in the right place for the entire duration of the ceremony. Also, hairstyling and accessories should suit the occasion.

Makeup and hairstyling: @glambyremen| Dress: @i.wear.asika

Food and drinks should be a delight

It’s definitely the food and drinks for most of us. In other to match the energy of the wonderful wedding experience you plan to have, the food must be a delight. Your budget should be enough to comfortably feed your crowd with premium full-course meals. Also, the chef of the occasion should be diverse enough to cater to the taste buds of the guests while bearing in mind that some people may have nutritional restrictions and should be considered during preparation.


Think about your wedding music & playlist

Don’t ignore the musical aspect of your ceremony and bring that “the DJ can play anything” attitude. Wedding playlists are a thing and is an important factor for creating the appropriate feel for the day. If you’re having a DJ or a live band for the ceremony they should be able to balance the mood in the room and keep the people cheerful.



Planner: @extremevogueevent
Decor: @reguisdynastyevents_cakesnmore
Rentals@simplyevents_et_al , @propsbyav
Dress: @i.wear.asika
Groom styling@extremevogueevent
Makeup & hairstyling : @glambyremen
Photography: @acenaija
Mock Bride@odo__nwa
Mock Groom: @locobenten


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