Thinking of How to Style Your Bridal Hair? Didi Richards has 5 Tips to Help

Editor’s Note: Hey guys, we are super excited about our #BellaNaijaWeddingsFreshersWeek! Today, hairstylist, Didi Richards of  Callidora Hair Magic will be sharing five important things to consider when styling a bridal hair whether as a hairstylist or by yourself for your big day.  Enjoy and see you in the comment section.


Hey guys! Super excited to be here. Let’s talk bridal hair!

All brides dream of looking magical on their wedding day! From her makeup, outfit, accessories and hair, everything has to come together beautifully. Of course, her hair plays a major role in making her the object of glamour for her day and hence delicate attention must be paid to achieving a perfect work of art. The following should be considered during a bridal styling session:

Hair Type


Knowing your hair length, texture and colour play a major role in the overall styling output. When you pay special attention to these it ensures a smooth and memorable finish for the hairstyle. These important factors are the foundation for determining the styling approach to be adopted. For example, detangling coarse hair to achieve a smooth canvas during prepping.


Time Limitations


In creating a bridal hairstyle you have to be conscious and aware o of the styling timeframe.  Having clarity in this area facilitates better tools, techniques, and resource management. You most likely will need to finish in time to give way for, makeup, photography and other pre-ceremony activities.

Proximity to Lighting


Adequate lighting is a key pre-requisite for a perfect hairstyling session. Choosing good lighting positions and/or deploying artificial lighting aids such as a ring-light aids visibility and supports a professional finish. It helps you as a hairstylist see what you are doing clearly and what areas that need to be adjusted to get the perfect final product.

Hair Accessories Placement


Hair accessories are beautiful and most times needed. One thing you have to be careful of is the placement. Your placement of a hair accessory can take the hairstyle to a whole new level. It’s okay to explore, free to play around with your creativity, so you can find out what exactly works for the overall look you are trying to create.



Don’t forget to add that unique touch (icing on the cake) that gives the bride a different look from her everyday ensemble. You want to make sure that her hair is not the same as every other day and that she stands out as she walks into her wedding venue.



Hairstylist & All Pictures: @callidora_hairmagic

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    June 22, 2020 at 11:22 AM

    I still have a lot of time for my wedding that is fixed next year. But, I have been planning and researching for the right looks. The tips given here are great. Loved the new looks. I love to have something within my comfort zone so I can carry myself with confidence.

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