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Maryam & Sadiq Answer 6 Questions on Marriage You’ll Absolutely Love to Read

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Today happens to be Day 5 of the BellaNaija Weddings Fresher Week, and we have this beautiful 5th year wedding anniversary shoot of Maryam and Sadiq by fresher photographer, Danladi of Khaleegraphy.

In celebrating this major milestone, the couple had a beautiful photoshoot. Not only that, but they also answered five questions about marriage. You’ll definitely love to read them, so keep scrolling.


What does love mean to you as a couple?

Sadiq: Love is sacrifice, love is a love story, love is being with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, love is trust.

Maryam: I guess for me, love is patience, ( you even need patience with one’s self-talk more of a stranger whom you agreed to marry) love is trust, love is kind. Love is understanding- for a marriage to be successful, this is very important. You must understand your partner according to the change in their mindset. From maybe someone who was a younger husband to an older father, to a retiree… Especially with men, Nigeria is a hard country it brings out the worst in them, if you can understand your man through all the pressures then I think marriage will be seamless.

What has 5 years of marriage taught you about love?

Sadiq: Patience mostly, everything comes to pass with patience and understanding.

Maryam: Love is much more than ‘you’ve been on my mind’ it’s more than love at first sight, it’s more than I get butterflies in my stomach when I think of you’.. 5 years of marriage has taught me, it’s not all a bed of roses, glitz and glamour; it’s nitty-gritty work you must put in every day. It takes discipline to make a marriage work. There are struggles but you must overcome together. Marriage has taught me that love is when a partner shares your pain; when a partner sacrifices and compromises with you when a partner gives the best advice because they genuinely care.

What are your top 3 fun activities to do as a couple?

Sadiq: Eating out, Traveling, Going to the movies.

Maryam: We watch a lot of shows together: (home renovation series, car shows, movies- even though he sleeps before the movie is over). We grill together. We love to eat out as well. We love to travel (we need to do more of that) and try new foods.

What little thing does your spouse do that warms your heart every single time?

Sadiq: When she calls me ‘fine boy’.

Maryam: There are a lot actually, I like it when he cooks, it doesn’t happen much honestly but that’s one. I LOVE it when he babysits. When he plays with our daughter, it warms my heart. I believe every girl should have a strong bond with her dad and it’s heartwarming that they are cultivating that very early.

What are you most grateful for in your partner?

Sadiq: She’s quite smart, feisty but smart, we can make decisions together.

Maryam: I thank God that He’s very caring. I remember seeing a couple in a hospital when I was much younger, the way the husband held her hands while the nurses checked her, I remember vividly praying for something like that. God answered my prayers.

What is the best part of being married?

Sadiq: Just sitting down relaxing and your partner takes care of you (mind you it goes both ways), I always tell her whenever we do stuff for each other it’s as if we do it for ourselves.

Maryam: I’ve always told anybody that cared to listen, to find and marry a partner. Someone they can go the distance with. I didn’t want just a husband, I wanted a partner, a companion. What I love most about being married is that whatever advice, a critique he gives it’s coming from a place of love. I know deep in my heart, at night when I wake him up to ask for an opinion, it’s genuine and honest and it’s the best I can get anywhere. Without ill intent or malice.



Couple: @sosolidsir @suagarlipsy
Photography: @khaleegraphy

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