Get Ready! This Sunflower Themed Bridal Shower Will Brighten Your Day Immensely

There’s just something about flowers that seem to just brighten everything and everyone around it.

This was definitely the mood at the sunflower themed bridal shower for Nanelle as her friends got together in dresses of yellow and orange tones with sunflower floral crowns on their heads as per the theme.

The bride-to-be showed up in a white dress to her big surprise met by the amazing sunflower table setting, backdrop, even the cake had the sunflower theme. The shower was spectacular and intimate at the same time as they all sat around on bright yellow pillows as they sipped wine and celebrated their friend’s exit from the Single Ladies Club.

Nanelle could not hide her joy as she was all smiles throughout.

See the amazing pictures below and click here for more bridal shower inspirations.





Bride-to-be: @nanetey



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