Lola and her Bride Tribe got ‘Flocked Up’ in Puerto Rico for This Flamingo Themed Bachelorette Party

Some would say a baecation i.e vacation with the bae is the best kind of vacation but the bride tribe of #Dayomi19 begs to differ!

These ladies took no prisoners in their ‘living it up’ all the way to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for their bestie’s bachelorette party. Theirs was a Flamingo pool party for Lola and boy, did they get “flocked up”.

The ladies came all prepared to party in their white swimsuits, with the bride giving them a colour lift with her bright orange swimsuit. They turned it all the way up with their drinks cradled in Flamingo-shaped balloons and had maximum fun launching Lola into married life.

Take a peek into their Flamingo themed bachelorette party below.

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Bride-to-be: @hernameislola

Planner: @judydjabs


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